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Auto Insurance

Including private passenger, antiques, motorcycles,
even Vespas!

• We can help you navigate property damage coverage, liability coverage, and deductible selection.
• We can refer you to auto repair and glass replacement vendors.
• We assist with auto registration (including saving you a trip to the registry!)

Frequently Asked Questions

• I'm financing or leasing a car, do I need GAP coverage? 
• What coverage do I need when renting a car on vacation? 
• What is the best way to add a new driver to my policy to minimize
liability or save money?
• What discounts are available for my unique situation?
• How can I minimize costs while I’m away for an extended time?

Home Insurance

We insure all types of properties and know which
carriers provide the best coverage for your location and
property type.

• Primary & Secondary Homes
• Investment Properties
• Condominiums
• Renters Insurance
• Homes under Construction
MurphyCarty Insurance is happy to provide you with names of painters,
plumbers, electricians, and if needed, disaster restoration services.

Frequently Asked Questions

• How does a separate "wind" or "named storm" deductible work? 
• Am I getting renovation credits for improvements I'm making to my home? 
• Should I carry additional coverage for my jewelry, art pieces, or
other valuables in my home?
• What is an all risk policy versus specific risk policy? • How is replacement cost calculated?

Flood Insurance

With the introduction of the Biggert-Waters Act, many questions remain unanswered surrounding
flood insurance and the requirements. We stay current
with the evolving regulations, and assist our customers
by asking the right questions. Owner, Tim Carty is an active member of the Scituate Coastal Coalition and Massachusetts Coastal Coalition.

Frequently Asked Questions

• What does flood insurance cover?
• When is flood insurance required?
• Should I be considering getting flood insurance?
• Do I need an elevation certificate?
• What do we know about the future of flood insurance?
• How is flood insurance pricing determined?
• What is the difference between Preferred, Standard, and Repetitive Risk Coverage?

Boat & Watercraft Insurance

No two boat insurance policies are the same and you shouldn’t have to worry about your insurance
while you’re on the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Does a licensed adult need to be onboard for coverage to be in effect?
• Is your boat liability coverage adequate?
• Are you covered if you spill fuel that requires clean up?
• How is your boats replacement value determined?

Umbrella Insurance

Many people have heard of umbrella policies but aren't
sure what they cover and if an umbrella is
appropriate for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Did you know that umbrella liability covers yours houses and vehicles (including boats and all-terrain vehicles?)
• What are the requirements for underlying limits on your other policies? (i.e., auto, home, boat)
• What coverages beyond your underlying policies makes sense?
• Is an umbrella right for you?

Bonds, Surplus/Excess Lines

We can find coverage for the specific and unusual
situation including:

Frequently Asked Questions

• What is a Performance Bond? When is a Bid Bond used?
• Do we need special coverage if my child is getting married in our backyard?
• When should I consider an Excess umbrella policy?
• Is Excess Flood insurance expensive? When should I consider it?